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For many it is hard to think of Bruce Springsteen without visualising the E Street Band behind him, performing a full-on rock show to thousands of happy music fans in some giant arena.  It is also hard to be a saint in the city.


But this is not how Bruce Springsteen started out, he was original signed to CBS by John Hammond in 1972 as a solo artist, following an acoustic audition in New York City.  Over the years Bruce has released acoustic inspired work and often performed songs on stage and within filmed documentaries, with just an acoustic guitar or piano as accompaniment.


It is also hard for Kev and Michael of Bootleg Boss as huge Bruce Springsteen fans, to not want to perform many of his songs acoustically as a duo and so they do, often with special guests like Tri on violin or Alex on backing vocals.  No electric guitars, no bass guitar, none of the big synth sounds, no saxophone and no drums.   What you do hear under Kev’s vocals is a lot of acoustic guitar and musette (accordion) and some harmonica and fiddle.


To see when and where Kev and Michael are performing as “Acoustic Bootleg Boss” please visit the “Gig Page” on this website, where upcoming duo-bookings have been included within the full seven-piece band confirmed gigs.  


If you would like to book either the full-band or the stripped down, unplugged, acoustic-duo show please get in touch, booking  The  Boss is only a phone-call or email message away.  Tel. Kev on 07709 436215 or email at 

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