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SOME COMMENTS LEFT ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE (26th January 2019 to 7th March 2020)...


Lynn Hollingsworth (7th March 2020)

Wow… such a great evening. Thank you, you are all very talented and in true Springsteen style went on a little longer than expected. I am so impressed, can’t wait to see you again.


Linda Graver (7th March 2020)

After not being able to see you at Diss two years ago because of the snow, we made it this time… well worth the wait, what an excellent show, really enjoyed it, now looking forward to the next time.


Kayleigh Sargent (4th March 2020)

Stunning vocals and band.


Tim Smith (28th February 2020)

Amazing tribute band.


Keith Green (25th February 2020)

Wow!! Brilliant!


Charlie Harper (24th February 2020)



Stephen Soffe (24th February 2020)

Was a good night.


Lorraine Keane (24th February)

Great night.


Mark Brandham (23rd February 2020)

Great gig last night boys, many thanks.


Caroline Falconer (23rd February 2020)

Saw them yesterday. Brilliant night.


Malcolm Heircock (16th February 2020)

As always a great performance by all last night and you learnt “Joel Blon” in less than a week thanks for the request, Malc and Deb,


Steven Lilley (16th February 2020)

Enjoyed the performance at The Musician last night, some great tracks. Especially liked “The Rising” and some classics that will send me rummaging through the collection!


Paul Raymond (16th February 2020)

Absolutely brilliant night. Well rehearsed and tight as a drum. Will be popping to see you again real soon for a “Boss Fix”. Couple of live vids on my timeline catching the atmosphere, whatever they paid you it’s not enough... many thx guys.


Paul Fairhurst (16th February 2020)

Thanks for another great night, great set list and great performance.


Steven Woods (12th February 2020)

Seen them a few times... very good.


Martin Patrick Timpson (12th February 2020)

Seen them and I’ll be seeing them again.


Steve Huggy Keans (12th February 2020)

Top guys well worth a watch.


Gavin Pryar (12th February 2020)

Saw them in Hitchin a few weeks ago... very good.


Angie Stephens (12th February 2020)

They’re awesome danced my little socks off all night when we saw them in Hitchin.


Hilda Mahoney (12th February 2020)

Can’t remember how many times I have seen them... but they are great.


Steve Lilley (18th January 2020)

Ticket purchased, brilliant set the last time, new material or the classics?


Keith Jones (17th January 2020)

Saw the band last night at The Beaverwood Club, excellent performance, can’t wait to see them again, thank you.


Duncan Brown (17th January 2020)

Went to see this last night. Amazing night. Even had a tear in my eye when you did “Secret Garden”.


Bradley Hart (16th January 2020)

First time seeing this band, wasn't sure what to expect because you always compare everything to Bruce live, but they are brilliant.


Terry Gray (16th January 2020)

Great band! Hope to see you at Nell’s.


Barry John Alder (16th January 2020)

Fantastic night at The Beaverwood Club tonight, well done to the boys.


Michael Rayner (3rd January 2020)

... Bootleg Boss are excellent, based in East Anglia. They play with passion and fun, we reckon it’s the closest we’ll ever get to seeing something like Bruce playing in a bar!


Angie Stephens (28th December 2019)

You guys rock! Thanks for an awesome night in Hitchin, didn’t stop dancing all night! Look forward to catching again soon! BTW loved “Trapped”. 


Amy Cass (28th December 2019)

Absolutely brilliant!


Martin Patrick Timpson (28th December 2019)

A terrific evening.


Pam Gilley (28th December 2019)

Just driven back to Brentwood from Hitchin, worth the hour long journey and not drinking to see you guys again. A fabulous night, thanks.


Suzanne Tomlinson (25th December 2019)

Frigging awesome... can’t wait for our next night out.


Julie Medlow (25th December 2019)

What a great night.


Martin Barber (25th December 2019)

Brilliant guys.


Karen Share (25th December 2019)

We had a great night. Thank you.


Ian Harben (22nd December 2019)

Excellent gig/party in Bedford guys, best even for me this xmas, thanks to all involved for putting on a great night out.

Stuart Hardy (Facebook 8th November 2019)

Bootleg Boss. Incredible. They were brilliant. Massive thank you to Bootleg Boss for last night’s gig at SX, the place was packed and people came from far and wide (Newcastle!) even a handful from Brentwood. Keep music live!


Mike Shewbrook (9th November 2019)

Absolutely fantastic.


Vincent Kavanagh (10th November 2019)

Whoa! What a gig Friday!


Martin Barber (10th November 2019)

Brilliant Kev.


Gill Windham (4th November 2019)

Brilliant Saturday night at The Seagull Theatre from start to finish The “Boss” squeezed out his last bit of energy, the band were excellent and very entertaining too xx.


Scott Lewis (10th November 2019)

What a voice.


Pam Gilley (8th November 2019)

Fantastic night of Springsteen music played by a great band.


Gary Browing (9th November 2019)

Thanks for a great night.


Anne Halder (9th November 2019)

Had a great night.


Ian Leadbetter (2nd November 2019)

Fantastic night at the Cambridge gig.


David Girling (12th September 2019)

... they don’t half put on an amazing show. I come out hoarse and knackered every time I see them.


Lesley Santolaria (24th September 2019)

The best!


Margaret Sweeney (24th September 2019)

Thanks Bootleg Kev fora brill weekend celebrating Bruce’s birthday.


Neil Andrew Etheridge (23rd September 2019)

Kev Jamieson brilliant, brilliant weekend, solo session Saturday afternoon was outstanding, spine tingling at times.


Jane Eckersall (24th September 2019)

Kev your acoustic session was fantastic and we loved Bootleg Boss. 


Lesley Santolaria (15th September 2019)



Peter Larkin (15th September 2019)



Erika Leigh (15th September 2019)

My first time seeing Bootleg Boss, brilliant show! Can’t wait for next time.


David Stansfield (15th September 2019)

What a Saturday, watched Norwich beat Man City and then saw you at the Brickies, doesn’t get much better, great performance again, looking forward to next time.


Arff Donnelly (15th September 2019)



Archie Aquino (15th September 2019)

Loved your show at The Brickmakers! Thanks for all the energy! 


Dee Pullen (22nd June 2019)

Great evening @ The Spring,Havant. We had a great time, thank you and please visit again...soon!


Madeleine Monk (22nd June 2019)

Fabulous night at The Spring. Thanks guys for some great music xx


John Monk (22 June 2019)

Saw you guys at The Spring last night, absolutely banging!! A true tribute to the Real Boss, the vocals, the mannerisms and engagement with his audience, even the copious sweating on stage just like the real thing!! Keep it up boys, you were brilliant, I will definitely come and see you again hopefully when you play a full packed house!!


Alice Hamilton (8th June 2019)

Glad you’re coming back to Witham, you were awesome, will spread the word xx


Keiron Brunning (2nd June 2019)

Great gig thanks very much!


Steve Gough (2nd June 2019)

Kev and the boys are really rather good.


Gary Allington (2nd June 2019)

Fantastic night, Jeez even I got up and boogied.


Nick Rain (2nd June 2019)

Excellent evening.


Nigel Howard (8th May 2019)

...this lot are a must, if they come down to you...


Karen Share (9th May 2019)

...Bootleg Boss are amazing!


Matthew Orwell (7th May 2019)

Saw them last Friday in Witham. Highly recommended and even my 9 year old son was impressed. 


Laura Collins (5th May 2019)

First time I’ve seen you, was a really good night.


Shirley Wood (5th May 2019)

Was too busy dancing to take a pic... thanks for a fab evening guys.


Gillian McLean (5th May 2019)

What a blummin good night...can never get enough Bruuuuuuce...come back soon. Sorry no pics... just a rough voice from singing.


Glen Oldershaw (6th May 2019)

Just to say, my wife and I had a really good night at the public hall on Friday. I’ve seen Bruce and the E Street Band seven times, yet I have never heard “Secret Garden” played live, so that was a wonderful moment.Particularly brilliant musicianship from the saxophonist and the excellent harmonica made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.I’ll be coming to see you again and next time I’ll be bringing more people.Thank guys... Tramps like us...


Michelle Thomas (30th April 2019)

Fantastic - You really did The Boss justice.Thanks so much x 


Wendy Rankin (30th April 2019)

Fantastic night!! Loved every minute.


David James Leach (29th April2019)

A great night! Fantastic song selection and “tinglingly”good rendition of “Jungleland” - Thanks!


Michelle Thomas (29th April 2019)

Brilliant! Come back again soon.


Nigel Howard (1st April 2019)

Great gig enjoyed every moment.


Michael Rooney (1st April 2019)

Brilliant night lads, best ever setlist I’ve heard! First ever visit to Colchester was fantastic.


David Surman (31st March 2019)

Hey this is awesome, next best to the real thing?? Who knows?? Who’s up for this?? Anymore Bruceophiles want in?? On a rattlesnake speedway in the Utah dessert, I pick up my money ‘n head into town!! Well kinda!!


Linda Chaplin (31st March 2019)

Great night thank you all so much for bringing Bruce music to Colchester again. Loved every minute xx


Ann Hawkins (24th March 2019)

It was our first visit to The Voodoo Lounge and our first time seeing you. We’ll definitely do both again.


Marc Giles (24th March 2019)

Great time, fantastic set.


Sue Giles (23rd March 2019)

Brilliant night last night by the Bootleg Boss tribute band. Thank you for a great time, when are you in the Lincoln area again please.


Robert Linnell (23rd March 2019)

Absolutely fantastic night, top music.


Ian Cannell (16th March 2019)

They are a fantastic band and you should see them if you can some time.


Alan Jones (14th March 2019)

Saw them in Sudbury recently, great night out.


Craig Sclare (8th March 2019)

Amazing band.


Adam Cole (11th February 2019)

Great night in Leicester on Saturday, thanks guys.


Matt Bird (26th January 2019)

Loved the show last night gents, that was absolutely brilliant.

Thanks for a fantastic evening Bootleg Boss!! The music was simply amazing!!! :)

                                                                                         Emma Taylor

"We absolutely loved the night and especially the excellent Band. Please pass on our heartfelt thanks to all of them. You guys were instrumental in making it a most memorable night. We don't think it could have gone any better and the feedback from our friends and family was terrific. "

                                                                                           Steven S

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